Humans tend to avoid change when possible, especially when it comes to work. Successful real estate agents who aren’t used to new technologies might be resistant to adopting real estate CRM software and other new tools that aid in the industry. Often, however, they just need a bit of help to get up to speed and appreciate what these tools can do for them. Here are a few ways to teach holdouts how to use real estate CRM software.

Explain the Basics

Often, people unfamiliar with technology think of it as more radical than it really is. CRM software is actually fairly simple: It keeps important information organized and easy to access and share. The fundamentals of succeeding in real estate remain the same whether the agent uses CRM or not, and effective agents will continue to be effective even after making the upgrade. Real estate CRM software simply lets agents spend less time on paperwork and other chores and more time meeting with clients and landing sales. Conveying this fact can encourage holdouts to make the switch.

Give a Demonstration

The best way to teach software is through a hands-on approach, and demonstrating the basics of CRM software makes it far easier to convey ideas than trying to explain it verbally or providing text documentation. A demonstration doesn’t have to cover all aspects of the software, and it doesn’t have to delve into more advanced features. By covering the highlights, you can show how easy software is to use once you learn the basics. Show how you typically use the software, and show how much more efficient it is compared to more traditional techniques.

Focus on the Basics

Real estate CRM software is a toolkit, not a monolithic program. This empowers users to focus on the features they want to use while ignoring aspects they don’t need. Relay this information to holdouts, and focus on what tools in the software will be most useful to them. Over time, you can teach new elements of the software as users become more comfortable with elements they’ve learned in the past. This piecemeal approach helps new users feel less overwhelmed while making the switch.

Competing in most fields requires keeping up with new developments, and this is especially true in the real estate field. While some people are reluctant to change what’s familiar to them, making the transition to real estate CRM software is worthwhile for all real estate agents. With a bit of patience, you can convince even the most reluctant agents to make the transition while easing the process along the way. Learn more information at the IXACT Contactwebsite.


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